Three Words

My three words for this month:

words & chair

Three words chosen at random from a container full of such words. Words I can immediately apply to where I’m at.

Try: Something I have done all my life. Sometimes successful, sometimes not so. But always worth doing. As I enter into the bracket of ‘old’ (some say senior but it’s really just a euphemism) after being classed ‘middle-aged’ for the past fifteen years (or more) I am determined not to let the word Try slip from my mentality. Try to remain standing maybe one of the main things. Try going to the gym twice a week another.  So far so good.

dunked umbrellaFullSizeRender.jpg

… testament to trying – the dunked umbrella that I had put down while trying to take a photo, which then sailed gaily off in the breeze and ultimately ended up in the water … 

Choose: A wise thing to apply to the previous word. Choose my battles. Choose my trial runs. Choose when to sit and rest, read, write, walk, nap, garden, spend time with the grandchildren, watch something on tv. Choose what to apply to what, where to send off writing, what subjects to write about. Choose. What. Where. When. Which. How. Why. There is always a choice. Freedom to choose. A marvellous gift. A true blessing. Sometimes the choice may be wrong. But that is how we learn – and apparently, continue to learn even as old age begins to appear on the horizon.


… and every so often, choosing a nice drop of gin doesn’t hurt …

Contribute: Perhaps the word that of the three, I struggle with most. A loner by nature, to join or contribute means I have to consciously ‘choose’ to be more social. Such choices can be motivated by guilt, or conscientiousness, empathy but most often simply by love. That powerful emotion that forces me to forgo my personal preference for solitary confinement. I will be interested to see where I ‘choose’ and where I ‘try’ to ‘contribute’ (over and above my normal day-to-day contributions) over the next month.


High on my list for the next few weeks is to choose where to try submitting some written contributions. Posting them off . Although, it’s highly likely that submissions will all be online. The mailbox soon to become redundant. Like glass milk bottles delivered to your gate.

words & vase


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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