Local Talent


“Look at that rose”, my daughter in law said. I hadn’t noticed it, so I was glad that she had pointed it out. “It looks like it’s saying, Ah! Found the sun at last”, she said.

I said I have to take a photo.

I have this new camera to test out and practice with, before taking it with me on travels in September. Thanks to my sister’s partner, David D. I now have his old Sony point-and-shoot to replace my broken Canon which needs repairing. (Thanks David D.)

Daughter-in-law, baby granddaughter and I had a lovely local neighbourhood stroll in the winter sunshine today. Beats a trip ‘into town’ any day. A walk to the local cafe for lunch, followed by a visit to the Post Shop next door to send off a parcel to my son in Berlin. I did shudder at the cost of postage – is there, I wonder, some dastardly global plan to make the whole planet go online? Well, yes, did you not realise? I hear the universe respond.

I think I shall take a leaf (heh) out of the errant rose’s book and refuse to be walled into some vast eternal plan. I shall keep on keeping on, doing my own thing, posting second-hand books in the Englsh language to grandchildren in foreign countries; and generally discovering my own way of locating the sunshine.


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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