Good Signs


Orchid at Butterfly House which with its humid / sauna like conditions and beautiful butterflies flitting around a waterfall, is a lovely place to visit in the middle of winter

The Butterfly House at Otago Museum, Dunedin, was visited by a small group of littlees and their whanau on Saturday. It was the day before youngest granddaughter’s first birthday and some of her playgroup buddies were there too to help celebrate.


Her birthday hat made by my clever daughter in law

She is my eighth grandchild and born on the eighth day of the seventh month in 2017, which I’m sure all adds up to a good sign. 

It was a lovely, small mid-winter celebration with butterflies and a picnic style party under trees . Small but meaningful. My favourite kind of celebration. And the sun shone! 


The next day was the birthday and a family dinner. Outside it was cold and dark, but inside warm and light. 


And now we have more family staying.   They have travelled  south for a few days holiday with us. Complete with their pet cockatiel.



Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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