Tree’s Company & Four’s Allowed

Approach to hutNo, that is not a beige Tardis. It is a tree hut; albeit a grounded one; built by my son and his son. A swing has been constructed alongside.

Hut end on.JPGIt has a ramshackle, somewhat lop-sided, quaint and quirky charm.

Hut window.JPGMade from left-over wood and end bits, it is a hammered work of patchwork art.

Looking towards hut glasshouse endTucked away in a ‘secret location’, it invites children to come and imagine …

TardisNotices written in pencil give it a name … and instructions to play …

Hut Notice This is my favourite sign. ‘Sport Leaf’ it states – two nouns that for an eight year old, depicts this area’s character.

It is for him and his cousins, a place to claim – to escape to, hide away in, to be with nature, hear the birds (especially the noisy tui). And not an electronic device in sight.

Large Branch.JPGAnd it is place that promises more – a hefty branch for even more climbing, for constructing adjoining fresh-air spaces. For expansion. A watch-this-space space.

The company of trees. Something both children and adults can benefit from.



Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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