Funny What You See

D3F1F453-B9A2-40A0-B952-6293F15BBD3C.jpegOn  my wanders the other day I spotted this perky little number.

A4B2F3BF-FBE9-49D5-8E7D-5E3BA755A2E0.jpegI’ve always thought this a funny name for a street. It always makes me think of a someone with a Cockney accent talking about bother (or should that be ‘bovva’?) Which in turn leads me to thoughts about my great grandfather, Joe Butler, a Cockney from Camberwell.

ED595F39-FF99-4455-8529-70BC7B7D5CDF.jpegAn unusual front lawn ornament on Musselburgh Rise here in Dunedin.

Funny what you see as you wander your neighbourhood.


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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