While Waiting

This fella can be found at one of my favourite Dunedin cafes. Modaks.

And this wall …

And this wall …

… love the Formica tables …

I’m actually at a different cafe writing this up. Waiting. My granddaughter and I have a coffee date.

As I wait I reflect on the fact that I have been a grandmother now for twenty years.

My second-youngest grandchild is nearly two years old and lives in Berlin and I haven’t properly met him yet – haven’t hugged him. I’ve only met him in video calls. He may not like hugs. Sometimes kids don’t much. But he’s going to have to tolerate at least one from me … in about a month’s time when I go over to stay with him and his family.

This post is a trial run. I want to see if it’s possible to write-and-post-on-the-run, because that is how I plan to report back when I am in Berlin. If this works today: if I can write and post from a cafe, from my phone – in the time it takes to order a coffee, let’s say – I’ll know I’m on the right track.

And here she is. My beautiful, stylish granddaughter dressed in Dunedin black. I give her a hug.

“You’ve got so tall”, I tell her.

PS: I’m actually finishing this off and posting it much later as I hadn’t quite finished when my granddaughter arrived, and (goes without saying) it would have been rude to carry on.

So it went into Drafts until now.

I guess I can say the experiment worked. Kind of. Pretty much. Close enough.

Berlin phone posts, here we come ( in a month’s time). Watch this space.


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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