Another Post Brewed

93C362CD-990F-4267-BA04-B21554B4F0FB.jpegMore I-phone blog post practice. This time from my local; Brew, Musselburgh.

Signs of spring outside the window. Early Spring here in Aotearoa has everyone jumping for joy in Otepoti Dunedin.

Met a friend in her home today so decided to drop in for a coffee and (enormous) cheese scone on the way back to my house. It’s a beautiful day for a walk. While walking I saw: two men taking dogs for a walk – one with a lead in each hand and a tiny dog on the end of each lead. He said, “Great day isn’t it?” To which I replied,”Lovely”, and he replied, “Excellent”. The second guy had a Bavarian-looking hat on and a larger, longer dog with a sense of purpose. He was leading his dog (actually, it was the other way round) with a lead attached to his belt. “Good morning”, said the purposeful gentleman (like dog, like owner) to which I replied with a more circumspect, “Hello”.

I also saw a car with an Elvis sticker and the tiniest Mini which I’m sure a truck would swallow if it ever dared venture on to the main highways.

Well, I’ve finished my scone and coffee. Morning has turned to afternoon. Time to continue on my journey home.



Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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