Free To A Good Home

I love my friend Dorothy’s Gore garden.

Such a peaceful place to visit. Deep lawns, healthy plots, pots and beds, with not a weed to be glimpsed.

Having each season figured out by Dorothy, there’s a surprise around every corner; it’s nothing short of a small urban treasure.

Looking forward to re-visiting sometime in the year ahead, to drink in more of this little southern piece of paradise.

witch hazel


In comparison to Dorothy’s manicured marvel, our rather rambling, ragamuffin garden romps down banks and up and around corners like a wild thing.

It’s a little like the difference between a golf course

such as Millbrook, Arrowtown where Robert and I visited not so long ago (I emphasise visited because there’s no way we could afford to a) stay or b) play there – but still, good to feel entitled to drop in for a coffee and a bit of a stroll)

… and a river.

A river like the Taieri river as manifested at Outram bridge and which when not in flood, is a cheerful, friendly river with a chuckle in its voice.

I’m a stone gatherer, so when we visited this river recently, stones were gathered. Our 18-month-old granddaughter loves stones, so now she’s got even more to sort and cart about.


Looking forward to more grandchildren arriving, not only next week, when I’ll be on school-holiday back-up duty; but also at the beginning of next month, when our son, Chris, German wife Jenny and their two kids arrive from Berlin for a kiwi holiday. Maybe we’ll all go to the river, splash about a little and not only throw stones, but gather some as well.

Water cress liking it in the bird bath


Looks like posting via phone is the way to go for me this year.

Feels like I’m Blogging on the run. (Is that called Joggling? Maybe).

I love this bird given to me for Christmas by my friend Kathy.

A good match for this fave. given to me by my friend Jenny. And fitting too, because the word I believe I’ve been given for this year is, Freedom.

Anyway, look out for more Joggles as I channel my lifelong yen to write into this blog. (Poetry books and novels proving far too ponderous and any publication hopes, way, way in the misty future).

Instant publication is so much more gratifying. Look at this – finished. Publish! Immediately. (Feels so, so good).


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

4 thoughts on “Free To A Good Home

  1. I love the comparison of the different types of garden with golf course and river with “a chuckle in its voice”. The stones are really pretty, wonder when I can get ‘me and he’ there to fossick around!

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  2. I can’t tell you what a treat it is to meet another NZ blogger who’s writing about this wonderful Otago/Southland area that I love. Not privileged to be “born and bred” here like you but I’d never want to go back up north to live! Never!


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