Quick Takes

bus stop 1
Pressed Flowers – flowers pressing against the glassed back of a bus stop

I’ve just got in from a walk to the local shopping centre to post a birthday card to my sister. It will arrive late, but she knows I will remember her on the day anyway.

bus stop 2.JPG
Reflections of Street & Garden on Bus Stop Window

We both miss the cards we would receive from our mother every birthday – usually a day or two early, or just on time. And the presents. My sister’s birthday gifts being ‘summer-themed’, mine ‘winter themed’. (I received I don’t know how many woollen scarves and gloves and hats and one year a pair of sheepskin ear muffs).

suflower 2.JPG
Roger’s Sunflower

Our neighbour is growing some splendid sunflowers this year, I couldn’t resist taking a snap as I passed them on my way back from the shops.

A Van Gogh

I enjoyed watching the movie ‘At Eternity’s Gate’ the other day. It’s a film about Van Gogh and for me was notable for, among other things, its cinematography of autumn tones, with sunflowers featuring more than once.

drive way flowers
Flax seeds and the last of the Fairy Whips

Also as I was passing, I threw one or two appreciative glances at the flora along our driveway.

Spent Pods

fairy whips.JPG

our trees
Tree Appreciation

I have never really fully appreciated that we actually have trees on our property. I don’t believe that we ever ‘own’ trees (we didn’t even plant the ones we have). Trees cannot really be owned, just looked after and admired. I perhaps don’t pay the ones on our property enough attention. Maybe it’s time to start.

Kate's garden 2.JPG

Daughter-in law Kate’s Garden

Nearly home, I popped inside the gate of my son and daughter-in-law’s flat to take some shots of their garden.

Tall Poppy

The garden is flourishing with the poppies in particular putting on a show.

Kate's garden.JPG
Garden Eye Candy



Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

3 thoughts on “Quick Takes

  1. I love your “pressed flowers”! Made me think of terrariums and when I did a search I found an Auckland company that specialises in them and they send diy kits nationwide. They have nice examples at their website https://www.houseofbotanica.co.nz/collections/terrariums We’ve decided we’ll take a look at that Van Gogh movie you’ve mentioned. Lovely sunflower shot i.e. “A Van Gogh”. I haven’t heard of Fairy Whips, so funny! We call them Angel’s Fishing Rods. Great names!


  2. Just back from Dunedin. After I told Nigel about the Van Gogh movie yesterday, we left Gore a couple of hours later and got the 5pm session. We didn’t know his background so the movie was an immense surprise yet we enjoyed it nonetheless. What a story! It was a spur-of-the-moment decision but we’ve had a great little “holiday” away! đŸ™‚


  3. Glad you enjoyed the movie and your Dunedin mini holiday. It’s a little tricky recommending a movie because it’s not certain that someone else will like what you like. But I did like that movie and still think about the colours and paintings in it. Also learning more about Van Gogh was a bonus.

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