Neighbourhood Rambles

A pleasure to walk past,


Straw flowers visited by light

our neighbours garden which is blooming its heart out right now. The newest arrivals (after the sunflowers) are these beautiful straw flowers. Remarkable plants that are indeed like straw – papery dry to the touch.


The sky and harbour last night was looking splendid. We’ve been treated to warm summer weather. The best time for a walk-in the cool of the evening. Roaming in the gloaming …

Dusky delight
Sun setting behind the city
Moon above, pier with gulls below

I’m loving having lots of grandchildren time. Our son and daughter in law from Berlin are over with their two little ones. My oldest granddaughter turned 21 in the weekend. Time goes so fast. I am pleased to allow flowers, harbour lights, sunsets and trees to slow it down. And the grandchildren mark its passage in the most delightful way.

Roses in St Brigid’s school playground

The grandchildren enjoyed clambering over the school playground … an after-hours Sunday treat when the school is closed.


Silver birch trunks (with feet)


And to conclude the Sunday playground scramble, a peek inside the Lilliput library

Stone marker

And a ‘milestone’ to measure time’s bitter-sweet passage.



Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

3 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Rambles

  1. You must be having a lovely time Kay. Love your strawflower shots, especially with the light streaming down and looking so inspirational.. nice start to my day seeing those! I have photos of strawflowers too, that we took at Riverstone/Dot’s Castle on 22 Jan. Such cheerful flowers! I also have a couple of Lilliput Libraries, one at Macandrew Bay and one at Oamaru both taken in Jan. So interesting seeing your LL, Dr Seuss is always fun. And flax pods, harbour, sunset make a great photo! We had a yen to go to Waikaia on the spur-of-the-moment last night for pizza at the pub. I had Nigel driving around the streets so we could search for any verandahs painted bright, to go with your poem. I was only sort-of successful – everything seems to be in neutral colours these days!

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  2. How lovely! I love that image of you guys driving round Waikaia looking for bright verandas. There was a house there in the 60’s that was painted almost in rainbow colours – I think they called the woman who lived there the Colour Lady – and it was largely that house (bungalow) that inspired that particular line in the poem.

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