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far view 2

Consider this post as one big link to my ‘other blog’; or maybe that should read, ‘mother blog’. I have a deep attachment to this Blogger space which I started thirteen years ago (maybe even fourteen or fifteen years ago, because I think I deleted some of my first, earlier, posts).

I use it as a second blog, a little like Dunedin’s Second Beach (located at the bottom of the bluff shown in this photo, top right).

I describe visiting the secretive Second Beach in this piece here. (Just a click away).



Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

2 thoughts on “Second Blog

  1. Kay, I visited your mother blog and admired the gorgeous spring photos. So you keep both blogs running simultaneously? I used Blogger for a few years but these days I always run away fast. Some great writers still use it, but so many of the designs are unresponsive, awkward, and hard for me to read. Also to comment is such a pain. WordPress is comfortable, especially as I usually read in their Reader. Whatever happens, carry on writing: that’s precious.

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  2. Blogger is slowly phasing out I think. I seem to have some kind of unreasonable attachment to it! But my main blog is Cuttings on WordPress, which serves as my website. I’ll keep going with Blogger but it’s pretty sporadic – too random to call it a simultaneous blog. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment Rachel.


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