looking towards St Clair from John Wilson Drive, St Kilda

I live near to the sea but often it’s a long time between drinks. *Reading over the opening line above at a later date, I had to laugh because it sounds like I’m partial to a draught of salty sea water as a thirst quencher! Of course what I am meaning is a long time between VISITS. As you were. When I do make the visit, I wonder why I left it so long. Sometimes at night I can hear the ocean. It reminds me of the town I lived in as a young child when I could hear the sea calling at night. Even when living there in that seaside town, visits to the beach a mere fifteen minutes away at the most, were not all that frequent. We tended to spend more time in the bush instead as the farm my father worked on was bordered by native forest.

at this time of the year with the change of seasons, the waves tend to get roughed up by winds. There is an unsettled feeling to an ocean affected by the moon and Spring tides.


On this visit the dunes caught my eye. Last time it was the sea grasses, this time the swoops and sweeps of the sand dunes was what appealed.

a cleft in the dunes
footsteps in the sand

From where I was standing to take these photos, it’s a long and steep-ish drop to the beach itself with conditions not all that conducive to walking (although I did spot some people enjoying a stroll along the sand). This time I preferred to stick to the road above. Easier walking. I’ll leave the bare footed walks by lapping waves for the summer months ahead.

I am not sure when my next beach walk will be. Just last weekend I was nearer to mountains. In a way they are like solidified waves. Rock solid crests containing something wise, mysterious and peaceful.

They say that you are either a beach person or a mountain person. If forced to choose, I’d probably choose the beach. However if truth be told, my preferences swing between the two. Which is the story of my life. I often find myself stuck in the middle somewhere in between two states / conditions / preferences / definitions. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. But that’s another story for another day.


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

3 thoughts on “Between

  1. Beautiful photos that really draw me down to the sand! Interesting what you said about often finding yourself stuck in the middle somewhere in between two states – that really strikes a chord with me.. I think I’m like that too!

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  2. Your last photo is heartstopping. Even on a wee phone screen I was there, I go there, I am there. That amazes me, the depth of emotional commitment an electronic photo can evoke. I understand your words, too.

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