Korimako / bellbird in blossom, Queenstown.

Robert makes monthly visits to his elderly mother who lives in beautiful Queenstown. Sometimes I accompany him. Last month the signs of Spring were everywhere. A treat for the senses.

Rowan tree running riot

Scottish / Celtic custom has it that a rowan tree be planted outside homes to ward off ill luck. It is known as the Tree of Life, symbolising courage, protection and wisdom.

A favourite spot in the summer
Always stunning, the view of the Remarkables mountain range.

A small poem about another mountain, Cecil Peak, which can be seen from the kitchen window.

Cecil Peak, Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown

It’s snowing on Cecil,

his flanks vulnerable 

wherever the sun shines

on scowl of rock. Screes 

and gullies frigid 

with weather frozen solid.

Kay McKenzie Cooke

Meanwhile back home the kowhai has nearly finished, reaching that mucky stage where sticky flowers rot to tobacco-brown on the ground beneath, which in the case of one of our trees results in our lawn becoming caked with blossom past its Best By Date.

Resplendent against a clear blue sky
Blackbird using our bird bath – fit for purpose
Said ‘Hello’ to this fellow on a recent visit to Timaru’s aviary
This bird appeared very proud of his looks, preening and posturing …

It’s been a full month with one thing and another. But there are things to show for it – my new office / writing room! for one. I’m loving the freshly-painted space. (Much obliged to my daughter-in-law Kate for doing this for me. It was no easy task – stripping wallpaper, sealing, gibstopping etc. etc.) We used Natural Paints (ordered and delivered promptly – great online service) with no chemical smell – I thought it smelt like apples, Kate thought aniseed. Now I’m just waiting for some Roman blinds I’ve ordered and to choose a new lampshade.

My grandchildren helping to strip the old wallpaper

And I want to put up the large ‘Poet’ painting my son painted for me. And I’d love a generously-sized noticeboard …

So the room went from this …
To this

Along with some news (which I shall share when the time seems right) about my fourth poetry book, there are three exciting poetry events in three different locations I’m looking forward to. (See my Coming Events Page for details). It’s good to have things to look forward to.

Reigo Street tiddlywinks heart


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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