Hearts Ease

I think all of us on this dear planet of ours could do with some heart’s ease right now …

A fish in water – or – me during lock down. Staying at home is my preference of choice anyway, so it just feels like I’ve been left off the hook socialising-wise. Still two weeks to go for my age group. I can bear that.

basketcase (2002)

After the last son leaves,
my eyes in the mirror stare back
as if at a loss. I warm up every room
in the house, I cry,
taste salt on my teeth.
I think about buying either a cellphone

or a basketchair
and at the supermarket select different
things from normal like loose-leaf tea,
fabric softener, feta cheese and Paul Newman’s
salad dressing … For goodness sake,
give your mother a ring,

she’s feeling bereft, you email
one of our sons, half in jest. Here
we are then I think
as we cook our smaller portions;
just you and me reduced
to three potatoes in a pot.

Kay McKenzie Cooke

Listening: to Dunedin Sound on Spotify: The Verlaines, Strait Jacket Fits, Tall Dwarfs, The Clean, The Bats, Look Blue Go Purple … Right now, Pink Frost by The Chills – which reminds me of going to see the Chills movie last year with my granddaughter. Now that IS something I miss. My grandchildren. Family. (Only two weeks to go …)


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

One thought on “Hearts Ease

  1. The loneliness feels bad. We are all stuck in one place or the other and waiting to meet our parents and friends. Stay strong Madam, it’s just a matter of time, post which you can easily meet your children and grandchildren.
    Stay safe and have a great day..!! 😊

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