Good Things

Wine! Lilies! Hand sanitizer! Does anything else say Happy Mother’s Day during a pandemic more? My daughter delivered them to our back door – where we warded off the urge to hug with air kisses.

Orchids were on our front doorstep on Sunday – from my son and family in Christchurch. They hiked to a cave in the hills and ate cake in a tunnel.

From another son and family (the Tribe downstairs) a box of fudge. My son continued working in his temporary, conservatory-studio – painting a huge painting of a horse. My granddaughter couldn’t understand why she can’t come inside our house … I said ‘Four more sleeps.’ I hope I’m right.

Not the Baltic (the Pacific)

And from yet another son – a video call from him and his family sheltering in north Germany, with talk of trips to their nearest beach, on the Baltic Coast.

The other morning while on our walk, we stopped for a serendipitous cup of coffee.

Robert’s local golf course looking pretty good. He’s happy to be able to go for a round at the end of the day – booking in for the last time slot. Alone, but that’s not unusual. He likes a solo round at the end of a working day in normal times as well.

This morning I could see through the study window, mist sailing east to west underneath Mount Cargill / Kapukataumahaka

I was hoping to be able to reveal news about my novel, ‘Craggan Dhu: Time Will Tell’ at the end of last week, but I have to wait another couple of days yet.

Patience is a virtue they say. A long lost art, I think.

So. Hold that thought and I will get back to you once there is something to tell.

How I imagine the approach to the town of Craggie

Meanwhile … To whet your appetite, here is the synopsis:

The peace that cousins Niz and Lia McGregor had hoped to find by each coming back to live in their old home town, could well be compromised with the arrival of young Dallisse, Niz’s granddaughter, for an extended stay. Ex-resident Finnbarr Reilly’s visit after decades of living in Auckland, farther unsettles the cousins. Historical and present-day characters with links to this coastal Western Southland town of Craggan Dhu (Craggie) struggle to come to grips with repercussions from their own spontaneous actions and held secrets. Through a host of voices from the past, the formerly hidden burbles from history’s underground stream are slowly revealed, forcing the past and the present to culminate in surprising revelations and awakenings.


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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