Not To Spoil The Ending

Thank you sister in law Jenny for your ‘perfect birthday gift for a writer.’

I guess it’s fair to say a bit of an anti-climax sets in after any exciting event. Such as a book launch. Such as the launch I had nearly a fortnight ago (I love the word fortnight – did you know, half the world doesn’t use this term?) for my book Upturned.

And grim winter weather is not helping. So, what better way to offset grey days than a colourful patchwork day of meet ups?

Golden tree trunks in the Dunedin Gardens

After catching a bus to have brunch with my beautiful, quick-silver friend who completely owns flourish; one tagged with a fiendish, fire-eating, picaresque take on life that manages to be both unique and wise. Who when she bids me farewell, tends to leave me standing on the street spinning on the spot. I caught another bus to meet up with another two lovely friends, my two ‘yo-yo-poets’ who (despite what the tag may suggest) are as solid and steadfast as trees.

To finish off this mad day, a catch up with beers & cheers & good mates dissing pretentiousness and platitudes and comparing tattoos.

Peter Olds & Jenny Powell


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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