Well in Gton

Lunch in Chch

A break between flights spent with family in Christchurch. The city looks better & better every visit. When I was there three days ago it was giving off vibes of busy & thriving. Christchurch getting its heart back.

New arts / cultural centre taking shape – looking sharp in houndstooth

Then to Wellington – well, Horowhenua to be exact – where my sister & partner live. Three days of rural peace hospitality with a pleasant & green outlook on to marshland and round hills that put me in mind of The Shire.

They both work hard to achieve their dream of a haven with full-to-the-brim vege. plots, open field and orchard.

This hat has seen to a lot of gardening

Last night as we sat out enjoying some end-of-day warmth, we were entertained by the wildlife – a golden pheasant calling from a fence post by a neighbouring pond, a pair of Canada geese flying in to crash land on the pond, two cropping rabbits (not a welcome sight for my sis & partner) a visit from three curious, ring-necked doves and a pair of mallards.

Earlier that day two skylarks walked around just a meter away from the window. We think from the signs that a pair of hawks are nesting in the tussocks.

My sister’s hens – Duchess, Shirley, Rita, Mavis …

Plans are afoot for two poetry readings while I am up here in Wellington. Mary from The Cuba Press has waved her magic wand and voila! poets south & north will gather to read … Can’t wait!

Right now I am writing this in a He Matapihi Molesworth Library space. This is after leaving for Wellington city with my sister at the unholy hour of 5.00 this morning in order for her to start work at 6.30 and avoid the rush hour traffic.

Wellington caters for early birds. Something of a revelation for this night owl.

I have an interesting day ahead, meeting a fellow poet for lunch and then visiting The Cuba Press to see where all the hard work that went into publishing my book was done and maybe meeting some of the team for the first time.

Tonight I stay with my brother and sister-in-law who are kindly taking me to the airport for my flight to Napier. (See previous post for details about what I’m getting up to there.)

I don’t think I’ve dressed warmly enough for Welly’s weather today. Need socks and a singlet. Am counting on finding something on Lambton Quay. Heading off now into the nippy breeze.


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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