Homely Things

No need to venture far. The backyard is far enough.

A daisy hanging out
‘Mr Muddy Beak’ – stilt on Bayfield Park
Dunedin from Bayfield Park
Zooming in on Dunedin city from afar – Otago Boys High – top right
St Joseph’s cathedral centre with Priory to the right
Town Hall clock spire – centre. St Paul’s to the left of the Town Hall. First Church – front left

Turns out these two gulls were only pretending to be one-legged. After taking this photo they both revealed their other leg and proceeded to have a scrap. (Both vying for the title of the Hopalong Cassidy Cup?)

Every day this week as I’ve walked around the inlet, I’ve seen spoonbills. Going by their keen, fast and furious sifting and scooping, there’s something really tasty in the water

Above: some homely beauties from our scruffy garden.

This past week I have been making the most of the pleasant spring weather.

No need to venture far. The backyard is far enough. The city merely gazed at from over the water between it and the eastern suburbs.

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