Round Trip

Is there anything more evocative of the past than steam trains and old railway tracks?

These glowing little faces shone out at me as I strolled through Bannerman Park, Gore the other day. Flowers from a dogwood tree with the scientific name of Cornus ‘Greenvale’ C. capitata x kousa var. chinensis. It was planted in November 2004 to commemorate the NZ Rododendron Association’s Diamond Jubilee.

A real treat recently to take a few days to make a round trip, first heading south, then inland towards the mountains of Northern Southland and Central Otago, before heading back to the coast and home.

While in Gore, I popped into the Eastern Southland Gallery to savour Sue Cooke’s Long Hee Lee exhibition featuring Southland’s disappearing forests, as well as her paintings of North Island kauri. I swear as I gazed at these striking paintings, I could hear bird song and smell the leaf-litter.

I also bought the smallest teapot in the world at a second hand shop in Gore.

Along the line. Kingston, Southland.
Peaceful picnic lunch by the Arrow River, Arrowtown, Otago
Cycle track swing bridge over the Arrow River, Whitechapel
A nice place to stop for cherries at a small independently-owned orchard in Roxburgh
A cuppa at a favourite restaurant, Roxburgh, Teviot Valley, Otago
Roxburgh cemetery

While Robert played a round of golf I took myself on a bit of a wander around Roxburgh.

Brooding clouds above the Roxburgh cemetery
Fenced off. Roxburgh cemetery.
Graveyard angel, Roxburgh cemetery
Water vat, East of Roxburgh on the old railway track
Info board

Is there anything more evocative of the past than steam trains and old railway tracks?

The water vat (I would call it a water tank, myself) reminds me of the one in my childhood town and which features, albeit briefly, in my novel, ‘Craggan Dhu’ available to buy. Email me if interested at kmckcooke @ gmail . com (no spaces.)

Synopsis of Craggan Dhu


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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  1. The restaurant is a favourite of ours too. Beautiful photos! I’ll have to take a look at that cemetery some time, so interesting and I love the chubby little angel 🙂

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