From One Species To Another

Last couple of weeks have been coloured in with a few days back up in Christchurch again, touching base with family there and including a visit to Orana Park

Bison, Orana Park, Christchurch
Each stripe arrangement different, in the order of nature
Another striped animal, astonishing my grandchildren who loved seeing the prowling tiger
The gorilla locking eyes with my grandchildren, and the camera


And another species altogether – a gather of poets in Inch Bar, NEV, Ootepoti
Jenny Powell – the poem about an Uncle’s eye is always a favourite
Richard Reeve read his stunning poem about travelling between Dunedin and Invercargill
I read from my latest two books, not having much in the way of new material

After we got back from our Christchurch visit, I was part of a trio of poets reading poetry to a very appreciative audience at the smallest bar in the Southern Hemisphere … the aptly-named Inch Bar.


Two days later I read poetry and spoke about the influence of Murihiku, Southland on my writing – such an easy subject for me to talk on, like, try and stop me! The reading was to a gathering of ‘Southern Old Girls’ (past pupils of Southland Girls High School). Such a treat. I did enjoy the connection that we were able to make on both an emotional and intellectual level.


This speaking event of mine, although not part of the Dunedin Writers Readers festival, was held smack bang in the middle of it, meaning I missed some of the events held on the Saturday. However, I did manage to meet up with friends at some other events.

A corner of writers
A fitting background to any writers readers event … the Robbie Burns statue and Town Hall, with autumn tree. I’m thinking as the years go on, that tree is going to provide a very splendid contrast to the Town Hall’s Oamaru stone


And now stationed back home at my writing desk, I struggle with the research required to fill in my ancestral background. I have ancestors whose birth places range from John O Groats, Scotland and Kamptee, India to Ruapuke Island and Waikaia, Murihiku, Aoteroa. Part of my next writing project requires a fair amount of family tree research. It truly feels like I am only touching the tip of this particular iceberg

Autumn winds blow as I write this, disrupting the idyllic autumn weather we’ve been experiencing of late. The last of the autumn leaves are being given the boot.

Sunset off Chisholm Park golf course as captured by Robert at the close of one of his end-of-day solo round of practice shots


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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