Gate Post

This path with the sagging fence line leading down to St Kilda beach is in need of attention. Surprising how the sand slowly, gradually, leans in over the years and changes things – like clear access.

Down on to the sand

View towards Lawyers Head

The view towards Middles and St Clair. If you look closely, you’ll see a seal lying on the sand.

Speaking of walking … and things associated.

wrought iron

As the song of ngā kōriroriro little grey warbler
trickles into sunlight and the traffic yawns,

as the kids from the school across the road
chime like bells and a chaffinch calls for cheese

from the wild elderberry,
the word agog floats into my mind and I am. All.

Then (stay with me) by association,
I picture the two dogs I often see when walking,

black-and-white dogs sitting just inside
a wrought iron gate

who I decided as soon as I saw them and without any thought
of religious context, should be named

Og and Magog. Two black-and-white patched dogs
looking like fireplace ornaments

from the 1940’s. I think I love them.
Probably because they don’t bark, just look

sad. I hope they die together
as now I just can’t imagine

Og without Magog,
or Magog without Og.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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