He’s A Mountain Man

When asked what he wanted for his birthday, Robert replied, “An experience.” Then qualified it by stating that a bungy jump or being thrown out of a plane was not what he was aiming for. Being a Capricorn and being brought up surrounded by mountains, kinda adds up to him being a mountain person rather than a beach person. I arranged for two nights in Queenstown and a day trip to Aoraki as his birthday present from me this year. (With me as a tag along!)

Here I’ll give Cheeky Kiwi Travel a plug (I couldn’t fault them – highly recommend.) We went on their Queenstown to Mt Cook (and back) day tour. Sean and Kreig were our guides (we were lucky enough to have two – usually it’s just the one guide.) Among many other benefits, it was good to have someone to take photos of us. No ghastly selfies required.

I enjoyed the experience of making some kind of acquaintance with this ancestral guardian – Aoraki, the heart of Te Waka o Aoraki / the South Island.


Lindis Pass 1
Lindis Pass 2
rock formations Omarama 1
rock formations Omarama 2
the two of us at Lake Pukaki with Aoraki (Mount Cook) in the background
Aoraki and Lake Pukaki
getting closer to Aoraki
at Lake Tasman
looking towards the Tasman glacier (that dark line at edge of the lake, is the glacier – a few k’s away, it’s deceiving.)
small iceberg
a taste of the terrain


roses – Cromwell – taken on a stop at Mrs Jones’ Fruit Stall and Gardens on the way back


Tour and short stay in Queenstown over, it was time to head to Gore to visit Robert’s mother in a rest home there. With a couple of stops for coffee and lunch on the way.

Garston Catholic church
cafe Lumsden Murihiku Southland


I enjoy the short Sunday drives around Gore to places I remember looking at from the windows of the high school bus. Knapdale Hall for example.

country hall, Murihiku Southland

Then back to Dunedin … where I have picked up from where I left off last. M.S. going well. I’m at the plod, plod, plod stage. Digging over the ground. A lot of resting on the handle of the spade. So to speak. In other words – thinking, researching, writing, thinking, researching.



My sister’s puppy. When I need some warm fuzzies – I just take a peek at that face.


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

6 thoughts on “He’s A Mountain Man

  1. Thank you Rachel! It’s now a lovely memory to cherish. I don’t know when next we’ll make our way out into the country. Hunkering down a bit at the moment. Hope you’re keeping well and staying happy.

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