Neighbourhood Watch

“A spell of sustained calm and sunny conditions is, I find, very conducive to a walk harbourside,”said Lady Penelope.

Solidarity with Ukraine can be spotted in various locations – on mailboxes, in windows, on lamp posts and boat-house flag poles.

I titled this photo, Across the Species. Spot the difference, another option.

Tern, Tern, tern …

“Can I be bothered today?”

“Just happy to give it some more thought.”

Black-and-white study

The sunny side of the boat shed lending support to Ukraine.

What lies beneath? Brick-a-brac?

And a dead fish gutted by gulls.

Back home, a butterfly as large as a small bird. A monarch.

A monarch of the zen.


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

2 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Watch

  1. As you may be aware, my favorite season is Autumn and by the water even more so. Coincidentally, in my little enclave in Florida, I reside on Tern Drive. “And so it goes.”

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  2. That’s so cool. From what I read and see of Florida it’s a very lovely place. It even has a Dunedin. Autumn is my fave also, even if it means winter follows.


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