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I’ve finished the first draft of my second novel and now I’m in some kind of … No. I am not going to say hiatus. I remember with some embarrassment saying to the late Lauris Edmond at a Summer Otago Uni writing workshop – in my defence, this was way back in the early-1990’s – that I felt my poetry was ‘in hiatus.’ Oh how pretentious! I cringe at the memory. Lauris was, of course, far too gracious to show even a tiny hint of the amusement, or even disgust, at such high handedness from this burgeoning writer with the O so precious attitude.

ceramic heart from a Nelson friend (xx)

Reminders of the past and of old friends are getting me through this misty Tuesday. Along with music. The Admiral Fallow song, Tuesday Grey, more than a little appropriate.

Already starting to make notes for my third novel. This is madness! The second isn’t even up and running yet. The first, Craggan Dhu is a favourite with a select few dear readers who have been begging for the second ‘instalment.’ (One dear reader has even asked for a trilogy – something I am endeavouring to supply. Hence the start already on early notes for the third novel in this Murihiku Southland saga.)

My second novel’s motifs of Scotland, kingfisher, dragonfly, deer, rivers according to notes already made, are going to be replaced by (among other things) Ireland, horses, bells, trains … maybe. Then again, maybe not. After all, it is said to be bad luck to share before the work has been written. Draws off the magic.

Both of my books following on from Craggie will of course retain the Murihiku Southland flavour, along with added fizz from the home-grown, ginger beer of ideas germinated from my own family tree, my t`ipuna and whakapapa.

Meanwhile my poetry languishes for lack of watering. Like a yellowing pot plant. But not completely forgotten.

And books! lie in wait, to be read and re-read. Ah well, just one more reason to look forward to winter.

If you want to buy a copy of Craggan Dhu before my supply runs out (also, in order to ready yourself for Parts Two (Quick Blue Fire) and Three (yet to be titled) I can post you a copy. Alternatively, you can buy copies from an Aotearoa New Zealand online book supplier. Also available on Amazon. And Dunedin library has at least one copy for borrowing (not sure about other libraries.)

There is a mix of poetry and prose books in my bedside pile. Roll on winter reading. I just need to drop down some of those ideas buzzing in my brain to clear space in there for the work of other writers to be invited in – writers far better at writing than I will ever be.


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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