A Little Sun In The Rain

cover material – from a photo I took of Otemata Bridge, Murihiku, Southland

I quite like the idea of this being the cover for my next book, Quick Blue Fire. Time’s dreamy impermanence and lines of travel, marked by road, water and sky. The land, trees, hills and mountains to symbolise borders, home, place and shelter. The bridge, a link between past and present.

The manuscript is finished. The next stage of its journey towards becoming an actual book, pending.

disabled doll

Granddaughter’s doll’s ceramic leg came a cropper, but she has been fixed to the best of my daughter in law’s considerable ability to think alternatively. Doll is loved by granddaughter even more now.

statue of racehorse Phar Lap

On our way up to Christchurch we stopped a little north of Timaru where there is a statue to the famous race horse, Phar Lap. This Wikipedia link describes the most interesting and event-filled life of this horse.

into the sun

And here is a link about kiwi writer Kelly Ana Morey who has written a novel about the horse. Apart from the interesting info. about writing the book, this article is an entertaining and honest insight into a writer endowed with an enviable (for scaredy cat me anyway) feisty honesty. I note that the article was written in 2016, before these Covid-disrupted days we are coping with at present. I have no idea how relevant the account may still be. But it certainly remains an enjoyable, amusing and entertaining read about one of New Zealand’s most independent writers. I love that attitude. And the photos of K.A.M. are beautiful.

granddaughter at Tunnel Beach

We had the privilege of having grandchildren to stay over the recent school holidays. Fun, if a little exhausting. Robert (Grandpa) didn’t run out of energy as much as I (Grandma) did, so he accompanied granddaughter to Tunnel Beach. They have chalked it up as a walk they will both always remember. Even better, they managed to find some time when it wasn’t raining. A minor miracle for where I live which this year has had five months worth of rain in the one month. That month being the month of July. Sheesh. Let’s hope August gives us a bit more winter sun. As I write this, I am listening to music and these lines have just swum into my ears – ‘The days you throw away and the songs you left unsung, to be angry at the sun; don’t be angry at the sun.’ (sung by Lost Brothers.)


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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