Somewhere, It’s Still Tuesday

My second novel and the second novel I’ve set in the fictional southern Southland town of Craggan Dhu (Craggie)

The cover of my latest novel shows a photo I took of blue sky above the Takitimu Mountains in Murihiku Southland, Aotearoa New Zealand.

The characters from my first novel, Craggan Dhu, appear again along with the addition of some new ones, just as adorable (I.M.O. But then, I may be biased.)


While attending a family interment in Craggan Dhu, Rosie McGregor decides to stay on in the southern town her great grandparents hailed from. Craggie was a once-thriving town, established by goldminers and farmers on the southern coast of Te Wai Pounamu. It is now just a ghost of its former self, but with the potential to pull together long ancestral lines still thriving in the present-day.
When she falls for Mack, proud and charismatic teacher of Te Reo, Rosie’s life changes. At the same time, her young niece Meg, new to the Murihiku landscape of her tipuna, meets Keats, the good-looking owner of the local hotel. This is a portrayal of a family’s genealogy featuring an interwoven mix of modern and ancestral voices — Scottish immigrants and their descendants with Maori ancestry grappling with broken links to their whakapapa.
Moving on one year from the interment that first brought the McGregor whanau back to Craggan Dhu, the whānau are back there again. This time for Rosie and Mack’s wedding and another weekend full of challenge, disclosure and surprise. For this whānau, two weekends a year apart, is all it takes for ancestral links to pull together the past, the present and the future.

neighbour’s clothesline seen through green

They-in-the-know say Tuesday is the best day to publish a book. As I write this it is Wednesday. But I’m sure that somewhere, it’s still Tuesday.

geranium leaves backlit

Maybe it is still Tuesday where my son and his partner and their three children are right now – backpacking their way from southern Europe to New Zealand, in sneakers, each with a size-appropriate rucksack on their back (apart from the nearly-one-year-old – although by all accounts, she’s already starting to walk, so maybe she is indicating that she would also like a size-appropriate rucksack.) My daughter-in-law is podcasting their progress – in Deutsch on the podcast called, Holy Sheep Neuseeland. For translated subtitles, YouTube is the place to go.

our neighbour’s magnolia
tulips are coming out

Meanwhile, here in Aotearoa and in our downstairs, cosy flat, it is Spring as we wait for the wanderers arrival, in our Summer.

Refurbishing the bathroom upstairs, ready for the their arrival, is keeping us busy.

That and publishing a novel.

freesia, smelling sweet
neighbour’s white cat, called Chesney who loves nothing better than to sit on the driveway’s warm asphalt

Back to my book.

If you’d like to order a copy from Amazon, it’s there in both paperback and Kindle. I suggest Kindle, as postage for the paperback is expensive. Here is the link. Or search for title Quick Blue Fire on Google.


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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