Two Birds, One Green Light

ever hopeful; red-billed seagull, St Kilda, Dunedin

A while back, on Father’s Day, I sat in my son’s car on John Wilson Drive, St Kilda, Dunedin, looking out at a choppy sea with my son and granddaughter. The seagulls were hopeful of us sharing our pie-and-doughnut lunch. My son did relent. More for the entertainment of his daughter.

magpie and apple, Bayfield Park, Dunedin

On another day, this magpie giving me and my camera the evils, was not about to give up its lunchtime find of apple core.

green light

As described in a previous post, my second novel Quick Blue Fire, has been given the green light. Actual books will arrive in a fortnight. I am planning on a very tiny (teeny-tiny) launch. Details to be revealed. Meanwhile – a small extract below:

Dolly, Gavin, Mitch and Evie were all travelling in the same car. Already, the sisters were hatching plans for when Evie came down to live in Christchurch. Dolly was talking recitals and soirees, causing Gavin and Mitch to pass looks as close to a television celebrity’s shoulder wag as two male builders are able to achieve.
“Mitch!” Rosie yelled, slapping her nephew on the back, “Ya dirty dog.”
“Only that it seems you’re the one your Great-Nana has passed her lucky streak on to, that’s all, you tinny bastard.”
“He almost cleaned out the pokies,” Gavin laughed.
“Couldn’t have happened to a better man. Come here neff, gizza hug.”
Rosie was in a good mood. She was looking forward to her move to Craggie and the opportunity to play in a band again. While she was in the mood, she hugged her sisters and Gavin as well and wished them a safe trip. They told her she should pay them a visit once Evie was settled.
“That is not a terrible idea,” Rosie said.



Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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