Marigolds & A Little Grey Warbler

marigolds and the colour orange

Another i.m. post. In memory of my friend Liz. I really miss her. I guess I’m at an age now when friends and family members, as well as myself, are getting older. Losing people starts to become more and more of a thing.

friendly marigolds

Liz loved flowers. She was more of a gardener than I’ll ever be. But the other day (after a very pleasant lunch with another friend) I couldn’t resist buying these cheerful marigolds. When I look at them, I’ll remember my friend, the brave and indomitable Liz, so full of life despite the debilitation of frequent ill health.

Street art, Dunedin

The day after Liz’s funeral I spotted at an arm’s length from me, in the branches of a tree outside the window above my writing desk, a tiny riorio; little grey warbler; in mid-warble. Liz was an amazing singer with a stunning contralto voice. An incident such as that fleeting visit from a tiny bird is not, I believe, without significance and deeper meaning. R.I.P. dear Liz.


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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