Quick Blue Fire

Already the notice board by my desk is full of notes for my third novel, Muttonbird Tree House.

Meanwhile, my second novel Quick Blue Fire waits for distribution to lucky readers.

Because the first lot of books arrived looking like coffee-table books! (a novel as big as a coffee table book? I do not think so) it was back to Amazon with them and a 2nd edition of a more acceptable size arranged. Rookie mistake. Beware of the pitfalls of independent publishing.

Go here to order Quick Blue Fire from Amazon but if you want to avoid postage to New Zealand (which is fairly steep) feel free to order a copy from me at kmckcooke @ gmail. com (no gaps).

I do like to pull my own wagon and independent publishing allows me to do just that, despite any pitfalls. Immediate publication being just one of the charms of doing it yourself.

This photo was taken eight years ago, when I had a lot more collagen. It’s a selfie I took one day when I was visited by a miracle on St Kilda beach. I was thinking about my parents, my mother having recently died, joining my father who at that point had been dead for 46 years.

That day as I walked St Kilda’s packed and damp low-tide sand, I told them (in my thoughts) that I was looking for beach glass. A blue piece if at all possible. A few steps farther on, lo and behold, there it was. I haven’t seen any blue beach glass since. It seemed a lucky happenstance. Or even, I like to think, something more magical than that.

We’re into the third week of the Advent season. I’ve lit a pink candle. To symbolise joy. The crystal candle holder is broken We still have the missing piece, it just needs to be to be glued back in. A broken receptacle of joy waiting for its missing piece (peace).

This photo portrays a certain sturdy resilience. A readiness for adventure. Halfway up the stairs, or halfway down, with boots on your feet to carry you through whatever you may encounter.

If you want to buy Quick Blue Fire from me for $20 (includes postage) email me your address at kmckcooke @ gmail. com (no spaces) and I’ll post one out to you.


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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