‘No-one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it’. H.E. Luccock


The highlighted link below takes you to a blog that records Outrider Poets, Jenny Powell & Kay McKenzie Cooke; aka  J&K Rolling; reading tours, 2014 – 2016

J&K Rolling’s Outrider Whistlestops

(2017 & 2018 Entries are posted below:) 

Back On Track

berlin museum horse.JPG

The photo above is one of several magnificent statues placed on museum island, Berlin, depicting horses and riders in battle. 

Berlin horse

Horses are very much on my mind at present because in two weeks time, with  Jenny Powell, I’m going to be attending the Owaka Cavalcade Market and Family Day, when 500 horses taking part in the annual Goldfield’s Heritage Trust Cavalcade, rides into town.

Jenny & horse.jpg

J&K Luggate horses.jpg

These photos were taken in the winter of 2016, in Luggate, after J&K Rolling had rolled into Wanaka to take part in the National Poetry Day events there.

J&K Rolling, Outrider Poets, will have a stall at the market with poetry cards, books and other poetry paraphernalia for sale. We will also be reading poetry there; on the hour every hour. We have invited riders in the cavalcade, and anyone else interested, to bring along a poem and take part.

first part.JPG

For our Poetry Stall, I’m using leaves to print paper that will be used for poetry cards etc.


My d-i-l Kate came up with the idea. With baby granddaughter on board, we have been busy collecting leaves and other bits of flora, packing them between paper and then boiling the stack up with vinegar and an old horseshoe. (There’s more to it of course, but I’ll leave it at that for now).


After being boiled and then left to steep ...

prints 1

The great unveiling … We were thrilled with the results …

prints 3.JPG

prints 6

All ready for a poem. One about horses, of course.

Jenny Powell is no doubt also cooking up some treats for the stall and I know she’s got a few horse poems up her sleeve as well.

Gold In Lawrence

Our visit to Lawrence in April was gold!

Lawrence sky

Through the efforts of a contact in Lawrence – our friend Jeanne Bernhardt – Graeme Furness kindly offered us his studio (Exit Studios) as a venue. He also invited his musician friend Mike to join us for the night of music and poetry.

Lawrence building.jpg

One of many such historical buildings that line the main street of Lawrence; a town with a history of gold mining.

lawrence 1.JPGWe were thrilled when Jeanne asked this guy if we could hitch a ride on his horse drawn wagon. How apt for J&K Rolling!

Graeme's studioGraeme Furness’ amazing studio, Exit. If you’re ever in Lawrence or passing through, do pop in and have a look-see. 

We were overwhelmed by Graeme’s generosity and the time he put in to get ready for the event. Not only was the space perfectly set out, but food was provided as well! Plus he’d made sure that the town was plastered with posters to advertise the event.

graeme's studio 2

Graeme is not only an artist and builder of beautiful wooden coffins (hence the name Exit Studios) but a very fine musician to boot!


Graeme’s friend Mike is a fantastic musician too. The quality of talent found in small towns and rural areas, constantly astonishes and delights both Jenny and me when we visit these rural districts.

jenny 2

Jenny reading

JeanneJeanne 2.jpg

It was beyond cool to have Jeanne as our guest reader. She is such a gifted writer – such a breath of real. ( Under-rated in New Zealand’s writing world).

Jeanne made us feel very welcome in ‘her town’. Her passion for the town of Lawrence and her fondness for its residents, is very clear. Hearing her extol Lawrence’s virtues  – the smell of its country air, the relaxed feel, the dark, starry skies at night – helped J&K’s appreciation for the town of Lawrence to grow as well.

reader 1

As well as the high quality music and poetry (Jeanne also read some of her prose)  we also had a taker for the open mic. segment. A local raconteur-in-verse (and a mite controversial verse at that). His clever poems have a political slant and were delivered with aplomb and a certain cheek. There were some intriguing backstories to his poems about local political contretemps and conspiracies.


art.jpgExit Studios art

bird on a wire.jpg

Jenny & Kay and ET.JPG

You don’t have to be an e.t. to live in Lawrence, but it may help?

shop window.JPG

Jenny looking in Exit Studio window. There were some beautiful wooden bowls and we couldn’t resist buying a souvenir each.

wooden bowls.JPGDaffs.JPG

Au revoir Lawrence – we’d love to come back.

Let’s see if we can make that a promise J&K can keep.



Our latest venture:

Poster for Lawrence Poetry Reading Jpeg

J&K Rolling’s Outrider Whistlestops