Write Away

The beach at Kakanui is known for the large driftwood logs that wash up. People make use of this beach timber to make bivvies (bivouac).
The ramshackle version.
A tidier igloo version complete with seaweed and kelp cover.
And when you look down, the ‘found art’, left by the sea.

What a great spot to take some time out from the busy-ness of life and concentrate specifically on writing. Nothing else on the agenda but the words in front of my nose. A luxury.

After four days of intense concentration however, I was ready to head back home to the usual variety; the spice of life.

I had a productive four days editing and generally organising, arranging and re-arranging the manuscript for my novel, ‘Craggan Dhu: Time Will Tell.’ Hopefully nearing the final edits. Very, very close. And the only way to achieve that was to block out everything else. Beach walks however, were allowed.