Hearts Ease

I think all of us on this dear planet of ours could do with some heart’s ease right now …

A fish in water – or – me during lock down. Staying at home is my preference of choice anyway, so it just feels like I’ve been left off the hook socialising-wise. Still two weeks to go for my age group. I can bear that.

basketcase (2002)

After the last son leaves,
my eyes in the mirror stare back
as if at a loss. I warm up every room
in the house, I cry,
taste salt on my teeth.
I think about buying either a cellphone

or a basketchair
and at the supermarket select different
things from normal like loose-leaf tea,
fabric softener, feta cheese and Paul Newman’s
salad dressing … For goodness sake,
give your mother a ring,

she’s feeling bereft, you email
one of our sons, half in jest. Here
we are then I think
as we cook our smaller portions;
just you and me reduced
to three potatoes in a pot.

Kay McKenzie Cooke

Listening: to Dunedin Sound on Spotify: The Verlaines, Strait Jacket Fits, Tall Dwarfs, The Clean, The Bats, Look Blue Go Purple … Right now, Pink Frost by The Chills – which reminds me of going to see the Chills movie last year with my granddaughter. Now that IS something I miss. My grandchildren. Family. (Only two weeks to go …)