Looks Like Rain

I cannot lie. This is what it’s been like for us these past two months.
Someone from overseas told me how wonderful the clouds are in Aotearoa. Here’s a snap taken from our front door.
A common sky-scene — ever-changing with unsettled weather conditions and high pressure systems getting chased off by low pressure systems.
Cloud catcher street art in downtown Otepoti / Dunedin.

More clouds. Plus Speight’s Beer Barrel.
… ‘clouds in my coffee’.* Dunedin’s George Street, from Coffee Club Cafe * from Carly Simon’s song ‘You’re So Vain.’
No salvation to be found in these clouds.
Dreary capital of provincial New Zealand – can anyone guess where this is?

It’s really not nearly as bad as the pictures and captions above may suggest. Cheer can still be found. Such as in local cafes where the owners go out of their way to chat and greet you warmly. And in flower shops, second hand shops, menswear shops etc. where goodwill abounds. Singers singing in brick alleys. But next time we go downtown, we’re taking the bus. There’s a dearth of parking space in downtown Dunedin.

On the road to Gore, Southland
On the road to Queenstown.
Driving in the rain.
Windscreen rainbow.

There’s always a rainbow. Always blue sky between clouds. Despite the clouds.

One of our granddaughters loves her AA Milne books. Loves Christopher Robin and because of Christopher Robin, loves her umbrella (her ‘umbella’.) The other day as they left in the rain, her Dad said, “Tut, tut, it looks like rain” (quoting CR) and my granddaughter, holding high her see-through, rainbow-festooned umbrella, strutted down the path ahead of him in her size two red bands, replying, ‘Tut, tut, it looks like rain.” Sometimes a moment like that doesn’t need a photograph to be remembered. And sometimes a moment like that is all it takes to make it a good day.