Some Things Don’t Change

Budding magnolia. Botanical Gardens granite koru discuss how much Spring there is in the air
Hellebore dark purple almost black

I have been revelling in feeling free to roam in a safe Covid-free environment and have even been making plans to roam wider pastures – a southern roadie with my poetry book ‘Upturned’ being one such plan.

Purple-pink hellebore – winter rose

But now along with the threat of a cold wave of weather, another wave of Covid has hit our shores. A community outbreak has popped up in Auckland causing that city of one million to close its borders and go into Level 3 – not quite lockdown, but close enough.

Laneway Cafe wall mural

The rest of the country has been moved to Level two and we wait with bated breath for farther instructions.

For me this basically means ‘stay at home’ … even if it’s ok to go out, it will just be for unavoidable appointments such as yesterday’s one at the dentist.

Thus the yo-yo nature of this pandemic continues to impact upon the freedom to catch the bus and enjoy an egg sandwich in a quiet cafe.

First daff.

Yet life goes on. The seasons steam ahead. The sky doesn’t fall.


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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