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On our recent visit to Queenstown, we were rather taken by these signs put up by the council around work being done on footpaths. Very clever to put up cute signs in order to alleviate any inconvenience. A quick quip in the right place does much to turn aside annoyance.

Just lately I have had to have a small procedure carried out on my right eye. I had been putting up with a smoky / misty / smeared lens (of my eye) due to a complication after a cataract removal about two or three years ago. I have been enjoying looking out at a much brighter, clearer world. I’m also enjoying reading without a struggle to see. So much more relaxing. Book pile, you are about to be annihilated. Kapow.

Sticking with my short poems, this is one about walking when your eyesight is not so good.


No matter how judicious
to hold a virtual microscope

to the path my feet trudge;
all it reveals

is an infested trail.
Such gazing wears me out.

A more apt measure?
To use only my eyes.

See. Even
with the quiet fall of cataracts,

there, my world as it soars,
as it breaks.

Kay McKenzie Cooke


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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