One Fine, Fine Day

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This year has started off, and continues to be, family-family-family focussed …  causing many heart-warming, incomparable moments in the middle of my time; my heart overflowing with the richness of this present experience.


Today I have managed to snip from the busy nature of my life at present, some time for writing – hence here be me performing some early morning strokes in the slipstream; in the cafe, Morning Magpie; writing. (Kay maths: 2 poems before lunch = excellent).

poemm by Kay MC

The ensuing, pleasing torrent of dammed-up words flowing from brain-to-fingertip-to-screen, is causing me to wonder if an annual spell from writing between November and March; allowing a summer-store of writing to build up; would be a wise and productive thing if it does indeed prove to yield an autumn harvest.


And then, after lunch at another cafe – accompanied by an unsatisfactory cuppa (too weak) – I step my merry way across an autumnal drop of bright Dunedin sunshine, over to the library, where I scope out a cubicle with desk and power point.

Something I’m looking forward to in my writerly world, is this Thursday early evening’s poetry reading coming up at the Port Chalmer’s library with my friend Jenny Powell. (The poetry-reading duo J&K Rolling’s first appearance for 2019).


Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of reading my poem, ‘safe ground’ from my first collection, ‘Feeding The Dogs’, at Knox College Chapel’s opening service for 2019. (This invite was thanks to my friend, Ruth Arnison, one of Dunedin’s more well-known poetry doyens, who chose a line from this poem of mine to adorn part of Knox’s recent courtyard sculpture). An exquisite pleasure indeed to have my words on this lovely sculpture, and to be invited to take part in one of Dunedin’s more traditional and historical ceremonies. It truly is an honour.


Placed into this present private family focus are things I can share publicly – walks to a friend’s place – things observed on the way; a roof’s decorated gable … 

roof gable.JPG

I’d like to acknowledge here, a fellow-blogger Liz for alerting me to the tops of roofs with her delightful posts of weather vanes (among other delights) …

caravan.JPGOn a St Kilda grass verge, a seemingly mild caravan with a controversial and divisive political message  … 

Liz's garden.JPG

The quaint-suburban, painterly approach to my friend’s house …

pink dahlia.JPGThe friendly tousle of pink dahlias …


And cafe stops with grandchild, where I take photos for the family album, sharing here in this post, the only one not featuring said grandchild bouncing on the sofa seat beside me before drinking their ‘coconut milk fluffy’, stripped of chocolate or tempting sugar-high chocolate fish, and me, delighting in the deep concentration in their beautiful eyes.


Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

One thought on “One Fine, Fine Day

  1. Oh I so enjoyed your post Kay.. I’ve missed you but clearly you’re busy with lots of things going on. So happy to read your new poem that beautifully describes a few memories from Gore and I love the idea of a bountiful autumn harvest of words after a summer break! It must be a wonderful feeling to see your words on the courtyard sculpture at Knox – I’m so happy for you. And thank you so much for the shout-out! Enjoy your time at Port Chalmers library on Thurs – I so wish I could be there to listen!

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