Colour Me Blue

somewhat of a 1970’s feel about this wall painting spotted in the Murihiku / Southland town of Gore; appropriate seeing as I am dwelling in the memories of when aged 18 in 1971, I first heard Joni Mitchell’s Blue album – its 50th anniversary coming up on June 22nd – my 68th birthday three days later

going for the bright colours to offset a rather grey winter’s day here in Otepoti / Dunedin today. I don’t have to look far, our kitchen colours being red and (here comes that colour again) … blue

orchids in the kitchen

Robert was plunged into a frosty morning of golf on Saturday morning – golf trolley wheel marks, Chisholm Park

meanwhile back home I was looking out at a house buried in winter mist and chimney smoke

a bit of a contrast Queen’s Birthday weekend when we went with son & daughter in law to see Maori cave drawings at Duntroon where the sun was shining and the day placid, peaceful and sweet

mother(me) and son

back to the red, tractors always get me it’s to do with my dad being a farmer and attached to a tractor a lot of the time (after giving up the horses – his secret preference – when he was about twenty years old and was no longer mustering and the draught horses on his father’s farm were replaced with a Fordson).

been attracted to pencil sharpener shavings lately seeing where and how they fall as I sharpen – both the pencils and (I trust) my writing

where you will find me Thursday.

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Writer from Dunedin, New Zealand.

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